FAQs About Our Courses

Q: Is there a minimal educational requirement to enrol on your courses?
A: No not for the Foundation course. Students who attend the Foundation Course all start together at the beginning of the Kinesiology Journey no matter what their background. To enrol on our Practitioners course students need to have completed the Foundation Course however to receive their Kinesiology qualification students also need to have an Anatomy and Physiology certificate (may be taken before or after the practitioners course). Students on our Diploma Course will need to have attended the Practitioner course and passed their exam and will also need a nutrition certificate to receive their Diploma. Every class we run will only have students learning and training at the same level as yourself. We do not mix classes of students who are at different stages of their Kinesiology training and all our courses cater for the different ways students learn and absorb information.

Q: I am a little confused as to which course to attend. I run a very busy practice as a fully qualified and highly experienced Reflexologist, Reiki Master and Masseur. I feel that Kinesiology would benefit my clients greatly but wondered where to start?
A: The Foundation Course (Six weekends or 12 Wednesdays)  is the course you need to enrol on. After completion you will be able to add Kinesiology to your current modalitys insurance and charge a professional fee.

Q: How long is the Foundation Course?
A: The Kinesiology Foundation Course takes place on six weekends or 12 Wednesdays spaced out over six months.

Q: Do I need to take all levels in order?
A: Yes, you need to complete the Foundation Course weekends/weekdays in sequence.

Q: Can I use the Foundation Course for CPD?
A: Yes and a certificate will be provided.

Q: Will the Taster Evening/Event explain the concepts of Kinesiology?
A: Yes. The taster event gives you an introduction to Kinesiology and the Foundation course. The evening consists of explanation and a number of demonstrations on willing participants.

Q: Will I have to do homework/case studies at Foundation Level?
A: Yes there is homework and 12 case studies to complete for your Foundation certificate. Although if you wish to do the Foundation course just to use on yourself friends and family you do not have to complete the homework. However TASK finds that students who complete their case studies and practice grasp the concepts of Kinesiology more thoroughly.